101 LeadershipOver the years, we’ve learned again and again that big, bold, and audacious ideas are backed-up by seemingly small daily deeds that build a long-lasting enterprise. That’s why we created our new “101” series of digital books. We’ve culled the very best actionable advice from Inc. magazine and Inc.com and condensed it into a format that we hope will motivate and inspire you. Don’t (we repeat, don’t) read all these at once. When you find a tip that strikes a chord, we hope you’ll stop reading and take the first small step toward turning that idea into action. Read. Act. Repeat. You get the gist.

Among Inc.’s 101 strategies, you’ll read about:

Kevin P. Ryan, the CEO of Gilt Groupe, and why he spends 20% of his time on human resources tasks.
– Why Tony Hsieh of Zappos offers new hires $2,000 to quit after they complete the company’s initial training program.
Meg Cadoux Hirshberg’s advice on running a business with your spouse.
– How Nick Sarillo of Nick’s Pizza & Pub has found a way to retain young hourly workers.
Joel Spolsky and why he scrapped his flat, everyone-reports-to-me corporate structure at Fog Creek Software for a hierarchical one.
– Why Larkspur Hotels & Restaurants founder Karl Hoagland fired himself.